Introduction to TFS

Total Filtration Services is the largest full line supplier of filtration products in the United States. Watch our video to learn more about us and how we can reduce your total cost of ownership for filtration today!

Watch our video!


At TFS, our focus is on helping you drive down operating costs while focusing on the best mix of filtration products for maximum system reliability. We use four principal strategies to accomplish this:
We will survey your systems to understand every product and application to the machine level, with the goal of eliminating filtration duplication and reducing overall inventory.
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Through product standardization initiatives, TFS will help you reduce acquisition and product costs and drive inventory improvements.
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We will apply our thorough knowledge of filtration disciplines to protect your high-dollar equipment, while maximizing life cycles and reducing operating costs.
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Our dedicated team of experts offers broad knowledge of filtration products and manufacturers, to ensure you have the right products for your applications.

Disciplines of Filtration

TFS categorizes filter products into 6 major disciplines of filtration. Click the tabs to learn more about the types of products we offer for each discipline.
TFS has a plethora of HVAC filters at varying levels of efficiency. We also carry gas absorption filters and activated carbon to eliminate odors and fumes. For facilities with a paint booth operation, TFS has extensive knowledge in paint booth management and offers a wide selection of products such as: paint overspray media, intake/exhaust filters, ceiling diffusion media, and even tack cloths and wipers.
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TFS offers replacement dust bags and cages, cartridges, and pleated cartridges for your collectors. We can also assist you with capital equipment and various replacement parts as well as gauges and acoustic horns.
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TFS is committed to removing harmful particles from your compressed air system. With access to compressor intake filters, silencers, filter elements/housings, and complete air dryer systems, we help you protect your system components and ensure your air tools operate efficiently.
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TFS is uniquely qualified to provide solutions for both air and liquid applications. We offer a wide variety of liquid filter bags and cartridges as well as strainers, capsules, lenticulars, fuel/hydrocarbon filters, and more. If you're looking to replace a housing or develop a filtration solution for a new liquid application, TFS has the expertise to help your engineering team select the most cost effective solution for your facility.
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With access to the most respected brands of hydraulic filters in the industry, TFS is prepared to supply your fluid power systems with all of the filtration products needed to protect your equipment. For customers with mobile applications, TFS also supplies a full selection of heavy-duty air, lube, fuel, coolant, transmission filtration products.
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TFS has the expertise and vendor relationships needed to support your high purity water applications. Whether you need a new reverse osmosis system or to replace your membranes and pre-filters, our team is ready to assist you.
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Value Added Services

Our process improvements help reduce both your production and non-production spend - a streamlining effect that positively impacts your operations, your administration, your MRO, your lean inventory and your vendor reduction. Grounded in Total Filtration Management, our main focus is to deliver best practices, and then replicate them. Replication and sharing across the company and country provides the latest ideas. Here are some of the value added services TFS offers:

  • Program Implementation
  • Filtration Survey Process
  • Filter Standardization
  • Cost Savings Program
  • Inventory Management
  • Best Practices
  • Energy Savings Program
  • On-Site Management
  • Customer Training
  • Capital Equipment Expertise
  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling
  • Equipment Enhancement Studies

National Coverage

With a dedicated team of filter experts and stocking locations across the United States, TFS is prepared to deliver the products and technical assistance you need, when you need it.

TFS headquarters has been located in Auburn Hills, MI since 1989. In addition to order fulfillment and service team, this location is home to customer service, purchasing, finance/accounting, human resources, marketing, and IT.

The typical TFS location has about 14,000 square feet of warehouse space. Each facility includes a distribution manager and warehouse staff able to deliver stocked products within one day. Each branch is supported by one or more technically trained sales employees and supported by a regional sales manager.

In late 2018, TFS opened an advanced distribution center strategically located in Columbus, OH. This new facility features 35,000 square feet and 1,400 pallet locations, as well as an automated pad production machine capable of producing 1,000 filter pads per hour.

To find your nearest TFS location, please click below to view the branch listing.

Company History

For over 30 years, TFS has been 100% focused on the advancement of filtration with the singular objective of simplifying filtration management for our customers. Today, TFS serves 18 major market categories through a network of 17 full-service branch locations throughout North America. We maintain relationships with more than 80 product manufacturers and support over 24,000 unique customers. Throughout our history, TFS has succeeded in leading the industry in “Total Filtration Management” through a committed and exclusive dedication to filtration and customer satisfaction.

Preferred Vendors

Product Line Coverage

A full line of products with superior quality, low lead times, at a competitive price.

Technology Roadmap

Dedication to research and product development.

Leveraged Buying Power

We partner with manufacturers that are best in class. This ensures they have the necessary buying power to procure raw materials from the global market at the best price.